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Praise for Out of Uniform

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"We owe our military service members so much, including the right to compete for a job when they leave the service. Out of Uniform just might give them that competitive edge.  Are you a veteran?  Read it! Know a veteran? Make sure he or she has a copy!"

Mike Krzyzewski,

Head Coach, Duke University Men’s Basketball

U. S. Army veteran

"With the exception of leaving civilian life for the military, no professional change is more cathartic or challenging than the transition out of uniform. Key for success is preparation, both mental and emotional. Tom Wolfe provides the indispensable guide to help you both prepare and succeed."

Lt. Gen. Dan Christman, USA (ret.)

Former Superintendent, United States Military Academy

"Tom has done a superb job of relating job search experiences and has created a tremendous resource for those leaving military service, as well as providing valuable tools that can be used throughout one’s career. The book is full of practical guides for the entire job search and decision making process and is a valuable reference to have on the shelf."

John Welch

President and CEO, USEC, Inc.

U. S. Navy veteran

"In Out of Uniform, Tom Wolfe has leveraged his years of experience to create a clear road map to navigate the complex and challenging world of the corporate selection process. As a military veteran myself and one who has spent twenty-five years interviewing candidates, this content would have been a valuable resource for me when beginning my transition from the service."

Bob Ravener

Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Dollar General Corporation

U. S. Navy veteran

"Everyone leaving military service needs to read Out of Uniform, by Tom Wolfe. It is filled with excellent advice, practical guidance, insightful stories, and tricks-of-the-trade. Although Tom has written this book to assist veterans, most of the content is equally appropriate and valuable to anyone who is in career transition and job hunting."

Cdr. Lou Terhar, USN (ret.)

Former President & CEO, Indian Motorcycle Company

"Tom is the most knowledgeable and insightful expert on the subject of military to civilian transitions that I know. What could be a difficult process is made straight forward by following the guidance in Out of Uniform. I have used Tom’s services and expertise on both sides of the hiring fence, and continue to recommend him to clients."

Ken Shearer

Former candidate, client, and long-time friend

U. S. Navy veteran